You can view all the available crates and their loot in-game by typing /crates

Notice: The loot in all paid crates have the same percentage drop chance.

Save money by purchasing in bulk packages!

Titan Key x1 4.99 EUR
Titan Keys x5 22.99 EUR
Titan Keys x10 44.99 EUR
Titan Keys x20 84.99 EUR
Titan Keys x50 199.99 EUR
Titan Keys x100 349.99 EUR
Legacy Key x1 6.99 EUR
Legacy Key x5 30.99 EUR
Legacy Key x10 61.99 EUR
Legacy Key x20 114.99 EUR
Legacy Key x50 269.99 EUR
Legacy Key x100 459.99 EUR
Common Heirloom Cache x1 4.99 EUR
Common Heirloom Cache x3 11.99 EUR
Rare Heirloom Cache x1 17.99 EUR
Rare Heirloom Cache x3 49.99 EUR
Epic Heirloom Cache x1 31.99 EUR
Epic Heirloom Cache x3 89.99 EUR
Furniture Cache x5 4.99 EUR
Furniture Cache x15 12.99 EUR
Farm Spawner Cache x3 5.99 EUR
Slayer Spawner Cache 7.99 EUR
Slayer Spawner Cache x5 34.99 EUR
Slayer Spawner Cache x10 64.99 EUR
Slayer Spawner Cache x20 99.99 EUR
Nightmare Spawner Cache 14.99 EUR
Nightmare Spawner Cache x5 64.99 EUR
Nightmare Spawner Cache x10 119.99 EUR
Nightmare Spawner Cache x20 224.99 EUR
Demonic Spawner Cache 22.99 EUR
Demonic Spawner Cache x5 104.99 EUR
Demonic Spawner Cache x10 179.99 EUR
Demonic Spawner Cache x20 319.99 EUR