Bonuses for your town.

This is applied to your current town on purchase. All town perks are town-specific to the town you are a member of on purchase. They cannot be applied to other towns should you disband the town or join another.
Town bonuses stack endlessly - also with town-level boosters.

+10 Town Members 7.99 EUR
+50 Town Claims 7.99 EUR
+100 Town Claims 12.99 EUR
+200 Town Claims 19.99 EUR
+10% Spawner Rate 29.99 EUR
+20% Spawner Rate 54.99 EUR
+50% Spawner Rate 119.99 EUR
+10% Crop Growth Rate 29.99 EUR
+20% Crop Growth Rate 54.99 EUR
+50% Crop Growth Rate 119.99 EUR
Pacific's Sanity


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