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Here you can purchase unique ranks and perks that enhance your gameplay on the server. 
Make sure to type your Minecraft username correctly.

After purchase, go to spawn and wait there for a couple of minutes to receive your goods.

If you are having issues with a purchase not coming through or have any questions,  please join our Discord. Before submitting a ticket, please wait up to 30 minutes for your order to go through. Make sure you've also been in spawn. 

All listed prices are including VAT and sales tax. 

Click here to read the terms of service.

Can't Pay?

This store only supports Stripe currently which requires a Credit Card, Apple Pay, Google Pay, iDEAL, giropay, ESP or Klarna.

If for some reason you're unable to use these, you can use the old store which has many different gateways. Please note that 10% of your payment goes straight to fees on the old store, so if you're able to use this one, please do so to help the server not lose as much in fees. Click here to go to the old store.